Sovereignty, Renewal, & Release


“When the shadow of a New Moon crosses the terrain of the planet, this is when a Solar Eclipse is experienced. The solar Masculine is aligned and the supporting Lunar Feminine at this time. The moon is between the Earth and the Sun in an exact alignment for a portal to open. Like the High Priestess in Tarot, standing between the pillars of Wisdom and Knowledge, the moon becomes the gatekeeper of this threshold. A deep initiation awaits you if you have the courage to walk through.

You are in the exact place you need to be right now. There is a new opportunity and threshold for you to cross. If you cross this threshold your life as you know it will be over. A new path will begin. You know this deep in the ancient wisdom of you. The Divine Cosmos, your Spirit Guides, and the Sun and Moon support this new vision. Your intentions are magnified during this supercharged New Moon. Dive in.” -Sovereignty Card

What if everything you ever wanted was available to you, but first you had to disown everything else you have come to know. Everything that you had thought made you, you. You have to walk away from and leave behind. The people, places, and played out behavioral cycles… you cannot bring with you in your new found path toward peace. Whatever life you always dreamed about creating can be yours, but what it will cost you is everything else that you have come to be. Are you courageous enough to sever the ties that hold you back? Like a phoenix, rising from it’s own ashes, to begin again. I am familiar with this feeling, the dread of accepting the responsibility of severing family ties, friendships, habits, and patterns. A collection of survival mechanisms and repressed feelings. I can confidently say that none of those things ever brought me what I was looking for, so while the idea of walking away and recreating everything seems daunting on one front, it’s actually quite liberating on the other to launch yourself face first into the unknown.


“A Blue Moon makes her appearance twice in one month, or a fourth Full Moon in a season. This phenomenon occurs because our calendar is not synced with the natural cycles of the Moon or Sun. She does hold a definite energy about Her through. Humans cannot help but notice an appearance of a Blue Moon regardless. We are captivated by her.

The Blue Moon is a reminder. Remember your fullness, remember your magnetic power. Remember your essence in the core of your soul and move from there. There may be chaos around you, or emotions may be amplified in your situation, but know this heightened energy will pass. The storm is passing. She is renewing your heart for a new path. You are being given a second chance. Allow this reminder to renew hope in your soul and connect to your vitality.

Do not let old patterns and thoughts keep you from moving forward. It is time to shift in a radical new direction that enlivens your spirit. Forgive the past and release the binds you have shackled yourself to for so long.” -Renewal Card

Forgive the past and release the binds you have shackled yourself to for so long, what an especially powerful statement. When I came to the realization that I had repressed most of the first 20 years of my life, and when confronted with the absolute fact that I had trauma bonded, full on Stockholm syndrome style, with a narcissistic psychopath that was sexually and emotionally abusive. I had been taught about blind loyalty and that vulnerability is the ultimate weakness. I was confronted with a very uncomfortable truth, I had let myself become so detached that I struggled to make meaningful connections because there was so much trauma buried underneath repressed memories I couldn’t access that even if I had wanted to start digging through I wouldn’t have even known where to begin. How can you work to not hold resentment towards yourself for not walking away sooner. Growing up I struggled with my self worth until I could separate that I was not what was done to me. That I had survived so much that should have broken me, but didn’t. I was so powerful, but I just hadn’t learned how to tap into that space within myself yet. I had the words, “If the solution has never been to look in yourself, how is it that you expect to find it anywhere else” tattooed on my side, because no matter what happens to me, no matter what I survive – everything needed to heal myself and to reclaim my own power exists within me, and it is solely my responsibility to take it on. I survived long enough, and my time to truly thrive has arrived.


“The Last Quarter Moon marks the threshold to the Earth realm. Deep wisdom and magic await you if you traverse deeper into your spiritual terrain. The energy of the Moon is deeply waning at this time. In order to turn inward, you must unload the burdens that keep you stuck in your ego. The Earth realm is slower than the rest of the elements, but for good reason. There is deep wisdom and reflection in rest, purposeful slowness, and stillness. However, if you do not take time to release your worries, troubles, mundane tasks first, you can become stuck in the mud! What is holding you back? What can you not seem to shake off? Give it to the Earth. This can be a literal act of burying an item in the ground, or visualize your energies soaking into the Earth and being transformed. You will feel lighter, peaceful, and relieved. This is also a great time to wrap up any loose ends you have been meaning to get to. You will now be prepared for the magic that awaits you in this waning phase.” -Release Card

How powerful it is to release the things that no longer serve you. To release the stress and worries that weigh you down. To remind yourself that what you put in, you receive in return. What is it that you call to you? your fears or your future blessings?

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