Best put, I am eclectic. I am comfortable being abnormal and unable to put into one categorized box. The things that make me passionate about life are art, books, music, digging deeper into the void, alternative healing {both physical and mental}. I am a huge fan of morbid culture. Heavy metal, jazz, punk, r&b, soul, some pop, hip-hop, underground rap, and more play through my stereo speakers. Cemeteries are my happy place because all you hear is nature and it is the one place I’ve always felt at peace. I will probably pick a documentary or Studio Ghibli film, if left to my own devices. And my belief system leans more towards omnism than anything else. I am more diverse concerning my world views. I am empathetic, intuitive, and learning to fully embrace that side of myself as I continue to grow. My blog is a way for me to express my feelings as I continue to pursue healing and my hope is that it can help someone who hasn’t embraced the courage to begin their own path of healing.