What to Expect From A Reading

A reading will surface clarity surrounding a situation or your approach to the situation. it may also reveal things that needs to be attended to within yourself. It will pull things out from under the proverbial rug that you may have been avoiding.

In-Person & Virtual Readings

I offer both in-person and virtual readings. At this time, in-person readings are unavailable due to COVID-19. Virtual readings can be done through Zoom.


I am open to trades for services/materials both parties deem fair. Offerings – such as materials, teas, etc – or monetary payment equal to the reading. At times I will offer a free reading to an individual (friends/family) – Let’s chat about it.

Decks Available for Readings

  • Crow Tarot

Crow Tarot

  • Santa Muerte – Book of the Dead Tarot

Santa Muerte

  • Spirit De La Lune (Oracle)

“The Moon has captivated humans since we could gaze up at the night sky. She is a source of mystery, enchantment, magic, light, and affects us more than we know. The Moon keeps the Earth spinning on her axis, creating the seasons and the diversity of life. Luna controls the ebb and flow of the waters on this planet affecting the plants and wildlife. Humans are made of up to 50-75% water at any given time. Thus, Lady Luna controls the currents of energy and emotions we swim through daily.”

Spirit De La Lune

  • Medicine Cards (Oracle)

“To understand the concept of medicine in the Native American way, one must redefine “medicine.” The medicine referred to in this deck is anything that improves one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all life. Our fellow creatures, the animals, exhibit habit patterns that relay messages of healing to anyone astute enough to observe these lessons on how to live. The precious gifts of true medicine are free. Each lesson is based on one major idea or concept and, for the sake of simplicity, each animal has been assigned one of these lessons. In reality, each animal in creation has hundreds of lessons to impart, and all of those lessons are powers that can be called upon.”

Medicine Cards

  • Dark Mirror (Oracle)

A spiritual mirror for those who are not yet shining in the light, but are still surrounded by darkness. – This deck provides clarity around what shadow work is needed.

Dark Mirror

  • Earth Magic (Oracle)

“The Earth speaks to us in many ways through the spirits of her various elements. In this deck, you will find these Earth elements along with clear and concise messages from the spirits of each. Through the use of these cards, you’ll uncover sensible advice that will provide guidance for questions you may have about any aspect of your life. ”

Earth Magic

  • The Universe Has Your Back (Affirmation)

“This deck offers spiritual guidance to help you find the strength when you are down, synchronicity, and support when you are lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy in all circumstances. Now it is in your hands. Surrender to the guidance that the cards provide, practice patience and peace, and trust that the universe has your back.”

The Universe Has Your Back

  • The Wild Offering (Affirmation/Oracle)

“These messages are at their essence, about releasing attachment to ego-defined outcomes. Each card addressed a particular situation such as – Aging, Ambition, Money, Solitude, Travel, Truth – with a comment of invocation that facilitates calling in the Divine Will for the highest outcome.”

Wild Offering Oracle